Eastern nc. Anybody close?

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May 4, 2020
East north carolina
Amateur Radio Call Sign
Howdy allyallus
Im a newlywed armed guard losing faith in the powers that be. I remember seeing Jesse Ventura stumble upon mass grave tubs stockpiled in nowheresville several years ago and here's the disease.

Shut downs and social distancing hurts us. We need to all get it and have herd immunity like it's another flu or cold, otherwise it will keep mutating the longer and more isolated the contagion continues with no immune hosts. Vaccines don't stop the flu or cold so it won't stop this. It's too orchestrated and misinformation filled out there.

Anyways I wanna bug out when it mutates into sars and H1N1. Had a md tell me the other day geneticists whisper it's man-made but he seemed a greaseball. My plans were to be in the Philippines 5 yrs from now and now the world's ending where there's too many guns around me. How are y'all holding up?
Warm Welcome From the Arizona valley folks. USA
howdy from a Texan .... and welcome to the forum and family...there's quite a few knowledgeable folks here that'll gladly tell ya what you need to know,or at least point ya in the right direction and/or give ya a good idea or 2..and by all means jump right on in with any replies you have on a topic

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