Terrorist Attack Election fraud and treason in 2022.

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I just came downstairs and felt the need to pray about today. I know the cheating will be everywhere, PA has practically said they will not have results for weeks.

Surely, surely, we have secret spies at these polling and tabulation sites. 2020 we were blind sided and we can't go through that again.
There will be election fraud either way, the WEF and the dark state has no interest in the Democrats losing, because then Ukraine would get nothing and the Russian would win.
In this election, the fraud will probably be even bigger and more obvious than the last one, but this is not only the case in the USA but in Europe as well.
Thank God that the same people who "programmed" the Dominion machines...are NOT THE SAME PEOPLE who program our nuclear missiles!!!!!!!
We would shoot at russian and chinese targets and the missiles would land in Africa or Antartica or just turn around and land back at the launching pad...
Imagine, you try to start your car and you get a display that says: NO you are republican...
Imagine, you put a pizza into your microwave and it refuses to cook it because you are in Florida and not CA

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