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Apr 19, 2021
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So I I have learned over the years that multiple foods can be cooked together in the crockpot. This is easy for me since I'm only cooking for two. When I get home from work (early today, like 1pm) I'll put dinner in the crockpot. A small pork roast, two potatoes, two ears of corn. Roast in the bottom off to one side with about two inches of water, potatoes next too it (stab a few holes in them), and two ears of corn in foil, a little butter and water in the foil. I'll put it on high for the first hour then turn it down to low for about another five hours!
Every time I look at this thread title, I see...

Everything in the cockpit​

I cant make it without my instapot..best thing ever...the little airfryer is great too. the big high dollar one(airfryer) didnt work as well to me as this cheap small one does...its mainstay from walmart.
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Agree... About the only difference for me is in the bottom of a slow cooker plastic bag I put a layer of thick sliced onion... Meat of the day... Carrot, potato chunks, maybe a stalk of chopped cellery.... Once in a while a chunked up parsnip or rutabaga... A half cup water, black pepper, big teaspoon of minced garlic.... No salt until it is on your plate.. Even then it usually requires none or very little..

Low and slow until the potato and carrot are done..

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