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Like many, over the years I've had freezers live and die in the garage.. If I were ever in need of a garage freezer, if considering a new freezer I would look for the ...garage ready... feature..
Good luck..
What is the difference between a garage freezer and a regular freezer?
WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A GARAGE READY FREEZER AND A REGULAR FREEZER? A regular freezer is designed to work within a small temperature range in a controlled environment, like a house. Garage ready freezers can handle a larger fluctuation in temperatures with the range of 0-110°F.
Yeah we usually have gallon jugs in our freezers. We're thinking upright. It won't be opened frequently and I don't want to have to take everything out to reach stuff on the bottom, especially during the summer.
I'm sure it would be more expensive but an upright with inner doors for shelves would be great for saving cold air when going after an item when you know where it is in the freezer, these doors actually add another insulation to any exterior air intrusion from any main door gasket leaks.
Thank you everyone.
so- @viking my upright has inner doors, which is great because cold air, as you know, 'falls'
@dademoss I would love a 'garage' freezer, sadly they don't seem to exist here.
@zoomzoom they would stack better - having checked the prices those type are actually dearer than the bags. I've used a few smaller ones before when trying to protect cake and I've found they crack.
I'm thinking one of the flatter, longer ones would be great for bread rolls though! I'm wondering if, if a strange way, there would be wasted space?
Someone back a few pages ago has an immaculate looking freezer with baskets :) I had missed. Going to have a look around Pinterest also.

Oh! and @ClemKadiddlehopper I'd love another freezer lol, but I'm trying to get my children to move out, not stay! Also, theres a Suzuki Bandit 650 in the way.....