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Ok what’s the general consensus oin harbor freight generators ?
Inexpensive. Much better than having none :thumbs:
Good for SHTF, short-term use.
Just hope you don't need a part for the engine, not available.
Maybe a step up from this!

My part time neighbor has one of the 3500 watt inverter generators with a few thousand hours on it now. It runs from the time he gets here till he leaves and sometimes that's ten days or two weeks. He changes the mobile 1 oil every 100-200 hours. Not sure it'll last as long as a Honda but I've been impressed.
They sell Predator Generators, right?
The Predator brand is one of their newer lines of outdoor power products. As with many other makes and models of power equipment sold by Harbor Freight, Predator generators are manufactured in China.
You will find many people using them today. They are cheap to buy and they have a warrantee.
It depends on your usage. Is it for a day or two of power outage or long term power after the grid goes down.
Would it be for a cabin you visit on the weekends so if something breaks you just bring the generator back to the store and get another one.
Break it in and then change the oil with a good grade of the oil of your choice (most problems are caused by lack of oil not so much which brand. Synthetics are everywhere but I wonder about the six dollar a quart synthetic oil sold at my closest mini mart..I personally buy the diesel grade 15/40 mineral oil from costco and run it in air cooled engines.
I have repaired generators for a number of years both in yamaha and honda shops as well as working on off grid customers generators.. Size your generator for your load and have more than one ... I like a big tank of a cheaper generator for the big short term loads and then a quiet inverter of a smaller size to keep the lights on and watch the movies.
I have a pile of dead generators.....including hondas. My latest project for myself is a Onan I pulled out of a 1979 motorhome that should be interesting. It has electric remote start, its own fuel pump to pull from a larger tank and a spin on oil filter with a pressurized oil system. It is only rated at 4K with its opposed twin engine (for lower vibration) and the large generator head is wound so the engine only has to turn at 1800RPM to give standard house power of 120 volts 60 cycles AC.
Ya get what ya pay for. Several years ago I needed a generator to run my well pump, so I bought a cheap Chinese piece of junk. It was a Lifan 8.7kw. The engine still runs and it still makes power, but that's it. The electric start quit working, the auto idle never worked, the 12 volt charger never worked and the company wouldn't honor the warranty. I still use it occasionally around the ranch but have to use ether to start it. I now use an American made Winco 12kw for my well pump.
Just beware that any cheap generator is a disposable generator at best. I have friends that live off grid same as we do, and they replace their cheap generators every couple of years.

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