Geothermal greenhouse pipe length

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I get the depth but I'm wondering about total length and or volume if that's the proper term, to factor in for the intake of buried piping to accomodate a 26' x 10' x 8' greenhouse. That's what I was looking for. I see folks with a wide range of lengths, number of pipes and diameter of pipes for their particular greenhouse but then they have much larger greenhouses than what I just quoted. I'm just looking for a place to go to that might have some forumlae for figuring this out.
Building codes and permits are not used in these remote parts of where we live btw.
Ahhh gotcha, what is your pipe made of and what size is it. It's gonna come back to how well it transfers heat. Even the type of soil you have it buried in. But, short answer , probably about 275 feet of 6" pipe I would guess. And that is a guess. But , if you overkill it wouldn't hurt anything. Lay two pipes in your trench with some blocks to separate them. An outflow and an inflow to return. But keep in mind that is a guess , I feel good about it. But, I realize I have no skin in the game. Maybe we can get someone to chime in. PM Dr. Henley if he don't know he will by tomorrow.
Actually my daughter knows more about subterranean heating and cooling than I do. She was an engineer with AHRI (Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute)
I've looked into it, but I only know enough to be dangerous.

Dr Henley, can you please ask your daughter? Like Survivor, I want to store this valuable information in one of my many binders.