Green New Deal (is not about climate change)

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The green deal in the western world has always only ever been green with the paper thin wrapper. Inside that wrapper be the real deal. Pure red Marxism, Communism and Globalist tyranny . A deliberate policy to make us pay more with alternative energy, to enact environmental laws and environmental red tape that threatens our economies , homes and our very existence to function and survive as a prosperous free people.
Looks like their plan to allow WEFers to rule the world got a solid start because of them being able to scare us all to follow like sheep over a lie of dying from Covid!
Peachy I do wonder about the terminology and actual meaning of virus more so when it comes to actual evidence. Seems it may be a control mechanism to keep the sheep in check and has been going on long time within the past 2 centuries. Giovanni Cirucci in his book ( the disciples of Rai ) does put forward a strong case that there be more than meets the eye. You can read the first few chapters of the booking kindle for free. See what you think
BRUSSELS - Farmers have paralysed the city as thousands of tractors protest about new EU agricultural targets and the forced purchase of farms.

They didn’t vote for this! They were never given the chance to

Of course not…it is what Progressives have convinced sheeple “democracy” is.

And the man or woman who fails to do his duty, not as he sees it, but as society at large sees it, will be held up to the contempt of mankind.

Philip Dru, chapter 5
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Isn't their new green deal all about solar panels to provide all electricity to every home, business and transportation??
The White House has opened the door to an audacious plan to block sunlight from hitting the surface of the Earth in a bid to halt global warming.

Despite some scientists warning the effort could have untold side effects from altering the chemical makeup of the atmosphere, President Joe Biden's administration have admitted they're open to the idea, which has never been attempted before.

In a report released Friday by the White House, officials suggested limiting sunlight to rapidly cool the planet, a process known as solar radiation modification (SRM).

The administration added a note of skepticism to the report by noting that Congress ordered it, insisting it has not made any decision on 'geoengineering' policy.

The report noted several ways authorities could look to achieve SRM, all of which come with potentially devastating consequences if they backfire.

One method would be to significantly increase the amount of aerosols in the stratosphere, which would reflect the sun's rays from the planet.

Other ideas floated included increasing cloud coverage over oceans, or reducing the amount of cirrus cloud formations, which reflect solar radiation back to the Earth.

The report noted that undertaking the mammoth task could have severe ramifications weather patterns and food supplies, which would in turn impact biodiversity, geopolitics, and health.

It also suggested that committing to the idea then backtracking and changing course could lead to abrupt warming as the suns rays suddenly heat the Earth once more.

While insisting that it was not definitively moving ahead with the plan, the Biden administration insisted in its report that the idea appeared promising.

It said a 'program of research' into the practice would 'enable better-informed decisions about the potential risks and benefits' of blocking the sun.

The White House added that exploring the idea would also allow a better understanding of 'the foundational elements of greenhouse gas emissions mitigation and adaptation.'

'SRM offers the possibility of cooling the planet significantly on a timescale of a few years,' the report claimed.
In a statement accompanying the report, the administration said 'there are no plans underway to establish a comprehensive research program focused on solar radiation modification.'

Scientists have been split over the potential benefits of the risky plan, with some warning it could result in a catastrophic change in the earth's atmosphere.

Others, however, claim it could be used as a last resort if fears over climate change are realized in the coming years and decades.

'The fact that this report even exists is probably the most consequential component of this release,' said Shuchi Talati, the executive director of the Alliance for Just Deliberation on Solar Geoengineering, to Politico.

'This report also signals that the U.S. government is supportive of well-governed research, including outdoor experimentation, which I think is quite significant.'

The Biden administration made climate policy one of its central policy platforms in recent years, inserting the issue into other sectors including infrastructure and transportation.

This marked a significant shift in policy from Biden's predecessor, Donald Trump, who famously once described climate change as a hoax created by the Chinese.

In its report, the White House doubled down on its commitment to tackling climate issues.

'Climate change is already having profound effects on the physical and natural world, and on human well-being, and these effects will only grow as greenhouse gas concentrations increase and warming continues,' the report stated.

'Understanding these impacts is crucial to enable informed decisions around a possible role for SRM in addressing human hardships associated with climate change.'
What’s REAL is their threat to humanity!!! They are actively stopping food production as we watch! By the time most people figure it out, it will be far too late! They are using the hoax of climate change to scare folks and ALLOW them to decrease the very things plants aka FOOD NEED to grow!!!

They are now showing their hand to cull all herds of meat animals. They of course will keep a breeding stock somewhere, FOR THEM ONLY, in the world. Do not allow them to take your meat animals!! Fight back. You might as well, you die a long starving death otherwise.
I don't know what it's like in other parts of the country, but in my area I've seen a lot of new land tilled and planted. Much of this new land is planted in alfalfa, grass, grains, corn, potatoes, onions, sugar beets etc. Apparently fertilizer and fuel are still available around here and the crop prices make it worthwhile. Quite a few new center pivots are going up too. A friend of mine recently put in a new irrigation well (3,000 gpm) to water several hundred acres of new hay ground.
Just Wow ! Does't he have enough **** to worry about with the war with Russia? His people are being killed left and right and he has the audacity to lecture us on how we are all FAILING with Climate change!!!

Sorry needed to edit to add it the tweet.

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Zelenskyy says all you want as long you pay the price or give him what he's demanding or what Daddy Joe tells him.
And if he don't become what he want he will act like an 5 years old kid in the sugarland.
He only worry about himself.

At the place i'm living we call people like him "childish idiots".

I actually went past one on the way to San Antonio for dinner last night. Piles of these things. I thought are they going to be putting in a new wind farm? But they look like they had been sitting for quite some time.

I lately have seen an german tv report of an destruction of an windpark. The wind turbines still was working perfectly, the only reason why they break them down says all about the "green deal" and "saving climate":

The german government dosn't longer support (means pay) the wind turbines and the investors anymore So they decided to destroy them.

Yes, it's all about $$$
The state subsidies only last for 10 years, and on the day these 10 years are up, every wind turbine is demolished and replaced with a new one.

Without subsidies, wind power is a loss-making business, a 100% loss-making business and the whole thing about wind energy is lies and deception.
I hate to repeat myself, but is seems in place.
I once reported about how much it costs to build a single wind generator.
The amount of electricity to produce the steel for the generator, the copper for the wires, the fiberglass for the blades, the steel in the blades, the steel in the foundation, the amount of concrete needed for the foundation, the amount of diesel to transport all these thousands of tons of steel, concrete, fiberglass, copper, parts, the cost of the crane to build the windmill, the costs of the building in manpower hours, the costs of repairs, service, spareparts and all the insurances if something goes wrong....................
This single windmill will NEVER PRODUCE THE ENERGY THAT WAS DESTROYED just to build the damn thing....