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May 3, 2016
Muskogee, Oklahoma
Men using women's restrooms, constitution being attacked one amendment at a time, upcoming election where we will be getting screwed by both sides, no matter who wins, technology getting out of hand to the point our society could not function without it, our education is so dumbed down that our children need to write a four lined equation to explain why 2 + 2=4; my wife and I are wondering why we don't expatriate from this cesspool society and move to somewhere like Belize.
We are new to prepping, but we don't want to be caught with our pants down. As a Christian I used to think the whole prepping thing was against having faith in God. "Jesus was a Prepper" is a decent book that shows otherwise, but would love to get others' opinions on good books to read.
howdy from a Texan .... and welcome to the forum and family...there's quiet a few knowledgeable folks here that'll gladly tell ya what you need to know,or at least point ya in the right direction and/or give ya a good idea or 2..and by all means jump right on in with any replies you have on a topic.and start new topics if/when needed...

isn't there some place in the bible that says we must do for our selfs?
Howdy Subtle, from way out in west Texas. I haven't read that book, but can assure you that prepping is not un-Biblical or 'against God'. Welcome to the page. Glad to see you're on the right track!
Welcome! :)

Btw, I'm also a believer, and there are many verses in the Bible that talk about storing grain & oil. The reason that God gives us warnings is so that we can be prep-ared! He is our ultimate protector, but I don't think He minds us being ready for Armageddon, the persecution that will befall all believers, and of course, natural & man-made disasters. Having faith and prepping go hand-in-hand, IMO.
Hi and welcome from this side of the puddle,from the doomed Europe ..but I still prep..and prep...and prep.
Hello from Alabama. I'm pretty new here myself. Good people here, great information!

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