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Oct 24, 2018
Hello, Canadian prepper here. I live in Southern Saskatchewan, but would love to live further west where the weather is nicer and the growing season longer. I have big plans for a 100 acre homestead and what is essentially a fortress, but of course as is the case for most young people, the funds are simply not there. For now, all I can do is horde as much clean water, food, and other survival necessities as I can and hope everything goes well until the day I can afford to buy the land and build my house. I have the mentality of Murphey's law, so although I am more concerned about economic colapse than anything, I fully expect it to spiral into a full on world war. My unrealistic (secretly hope) would be a zombie apocalypse-that would be great-but very unlikely. As of the moment I have one son, a boyfriend, and our parents as well as 2 of our siblings, 2 nephews and a niece which I am preparing to look after when the worst happens. This is already quite a lot of people for one person to prep for in secret, and seeing as I plan on having more children and our siblings might too, the number of dependants will only grow. I would love to amass a small community of peppers in the area willing to form a community on this future homestead, but for now I only plan to look after ourselves. I believe I am already living in the perfect area to build it due to freezing temperatures for half the year which will scare off most Americans and perfect growing conditions for the other half, so I am not too concerned about relocating.
Warm Welcome from the Arizona valley folks. :USA:
Welcome from Alabama! Lots of great information here, so feel free to have a look around. Ask if you have any question, we are usually sociable around here!
Howdy from a Texan .... and welcome to the forum and family...there's quite a few knowledgeable folks here that'll gladly tell ya what you need to know,or at least point ya in the right direction and/or give ya a good idea or 2..and by all means jump right on in with any replies you have on a topic.
Welcome from Wales

You are prepping for a lot of people that must be a big burden doing it in secret.

Can I ask why you want Zombies to happen? Don't mean to be rude or anything just curious.