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Apr 29, 2024
Sulphur Springs
Amateur Radio Call Sign
Good afternoon,
I'm a new member who's looking forward to sharing information about getting and staying prepared for what's sure to come. I started out in my 20s looking after CD generators, spent time as the Haz-Mat officer for a large fire district, and a number of other stuff, way to much to bore you with. With every opportunity that comes with preparedness medical is my favorite. I enjoy acquiring medications and supplies that would be needed to properly treat the sick and injured.
Welcome from the Georgia mountains! Your medical skills will be a HUGE asset! It seems less folks focus on that area. Your instincts are spot on as our country is heading into unseen territory. Having the knowledge of what to do and not do could very well save your life.
Back when I was a medic spending time working in the ER I learned a lot. I hope to write some article to share with the forum at some point.
Welcome from a top secret location that only 194 people know about (officially)

I'd like to know what you recommend and discuss emergency medicine with you.
Thank you! I come from a place of hiding in plain site. From wound treatment, to antibiotics we will have plenty to discuss.