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For France and the EU it's proably the bigger problem than for Niger itself.
France looses the access of Niger's Uranium and Plutonium and the EU is affraid to loose the former colonies finally and Russia or China could influence this part of Africa...
For the West it's just about money and power.
Any guesses why the WH won't let Biden give a speech about Niger?
I know it's an rhetoric question and i'm just giving an rhetoric answer:
He can't speak out "Niger" loud because the wokes will not vote for him anymore and "strongertannedpeoplesnation" is may to long for him...
The French will either surrender or beg the US for help.
Macron will never do the right thing, he will probably just keep the tensions high, keep soldiers on the ground and then after "being friends" for some many decades. (just like Ghadaffi)....declare war, send planes and bombs,
(just like Libya) destroy another self-sufficient nation, (like Morocco and Algeria) and just call it a correct intervention to Frances "internal" security and prosperity.....

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