standing water.

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Feb 9, 2014
Devon, UK
we get a lot of rain in Britain, especially in the south west of England where I live which has a very mild climate.
what amazes me is ,when you get a lot of water on the road which forms pools of standing water, the drains or the ground cant cope will the volume of water, that people still drive through the water not knowing how deep it is, and I don't mean just drive normally they actually plow headlong at full speed, I was always taught to slow right down and go through it gently, not causing a tidal wave, of course when I started driving-half a century ago!- we didn't have the cars that could do what they do today and it was easy to flood the interior or even the engine.
guy last week, I was told, did exactly this and flooded his car, so he couldn't get to work, and i'm sure he wasn't the only one.
people are just crazy!.
@bigpaul People are not crazy (well maybe they are) but they are not taught about proper driving. They are taught this is a key, this is the ignition switch, Insert key, turn on switch, put foot on gas pedal and release hand brake and away you go. They are not taught about flooding, ice, snow, skid control on any other needed skills. It is here is the key.
I see that happening where I live too. Sometimes when there is heavy rains the roads will flood a bit, and people in little cars will be driving through the water. I'm probably a terrible person but I will watch another car drive through the water before I do it myself if I'm worried, and I always go slow when it's wet, since I nearly wrecked my car when it hydroplaned.
Smart Lady, let the dummies prove the viability of driving / wading through. I don't need to be the first, just the safest.
when I was living in the next county I came across a flooded ford, because I didn't know the depth of the water I turned around and went another way, other vehicle went through it.
We have a couple feet of standing water here to, in the form of snow. Even around here some people drive too fast for the conditions. A few miles down the road from me someone slid off the road and went through a guardrail down to a frozen creek.
you see it on the motorways too in heavy rain, their tyres aren't actually touching the road they are aquaplaning, but their still doing 80-90mph.
There is a couple low spots I can expect water to cover the road during heavy rain I drive through them slowly so I dont send water splashingup under the engine . If we are having flooding the there is 2 creeks that will cover the bridges and roads . I do not try them until the water goes down enough to uncover the pavement . Its not happened but who's to say the bridge is still there under the raging water ? There a town near here that has a bridge over the river on a back road that gets covered during bad flooding . I seldom have to drive over it but I do fish there . One spring during a bad flood a local thought He would drive over it while very swift water was over it up to the gaurd rail . The bridge was there and intact but it didn't matter because the water picked His Ford 4×4 pickup up and sent it it down river . They found Hin a week later when the water went down . A 2 mile detour to the bigger bridge in town would have saved His life .
Psalm7, that is just natures way of cleaning out the gene pool.
a lot of the older bridges around here wont survive any big flood, they are old pack horse bridges literally and physically built on top of sheeps wool sacks-which were washed away long ago, I know this for a fact because wife talked to an old road engineer who did the survey, these are now signed with a "light traffic only" sign and have a weight restriction, a couple of wagons have taken bits out which have been replaced and landslides and river surges do the rest.
one year a while ago two roads were shut to traffic because the bridges were out so it does happen.
We have flooding here often in the valley and canyon, especially along the I-5 corridor, part of the freeway is at level with the rivers up around Chehalis Washington and people still try to drive through these floods in cars that ride no higher than 8" off the ground with 24" plus of water over the highway, people really have no connection to reality.


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