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Funny that I spend half my day on the forums eliminating spam bots pushing CBD gummies and other crap from our sites.
I hate being called "Spam"! Yuck! Nasty salty stuff. The other kind isn't good either.
For those of us lucky enough to have a local Bimart? They shelve a product that routinely sells for 30% less than the competition. How do they do this?

The CEO is a do-gooder hippie that sells his products at cost for the general good. Can't remember the brand, but it stands out with price and the leafy green label...
A few years ago now, when I had quit the mill for alittle while..I wanted to try a edible again.

The first time I tried one is another story..

I had smoked weed a few times in high school n tried again various times in my early 20's. It was fun, but because I'm not a smoker n always had a hard time trying it..I never got into weed. Plus I started having real jobs n careers n weed was a no no.
So i bought some gummies in Oregon. I didnt really know what to get so I had the guy at the counter help me select. At the time I didnt know there were daytime weeds n nighttime weed that helped you sleep. So I got two little bagsof fruit flavored gummies, one for daytime n one for nighttime.
So when I got home I ate a whole gummi. I did the same thing unknowingly when I tried a weed cookie for the first time.

Your supposed to quarter it up apparently..

I was really felt amazing too. Euphoric for awhile..felt none of my normal body aches n pains and felt like I was in my 20's for like a day, when I did go to bed I slept great.
I read the bag the next day n it said to quarter the gummie up for one dose. That explained the square shape n only a few squares in the bag. One square is actually 4
I never had a issue with folks who used weed.
If I didnt work at the mill..I'd be utilizing its benefits for sleep n pain relief often with gummies or the oil.
I have to wait untill I retire or quit the mill again.
I've tried the Cbd that doesn't have the thc in it for sleep n my body aches..but it didnt really work on me n its expensive.
So I wait..i was going to try it after i retired just in case i liked it I wouldn't have to stop. I really should stuck to that plan..owell..
The gummies. you said you use them.
Still no link to the post to which you are replying, but I will assume it is mine. I made no mention of gummies. I use Tommy Chong CBD. In the daytime I use "Good Vibes" which is an energy blend. At night I use "Nice Dreams" which helps with my sleeping problems. In both cases I place a dropper full of liquid under my tongue and let it get absorbed for as long as I can. When I started using these products my saliva production washed much of it away. As I adapted the saliva production decreased to the point where it is no longer an issue.

Every CBD company seems to have a line of products. I have not tried but a couple products, from Tommy Chong, but I'm pleased with those that I have tried and can recommend them. None of the CBD products are intended to produce a high. Based on my consumption of different products, from the same company, I see no reason not to give the gummies a try.
I make my own butter or coconut oil based, stuff, find it to be a very effective pain killer that I only take when I really need it, I have stayed away from Gummies and cookies because they are too pleasant tasting. The butters taste pretty bad, but they work when needed. once I did a little to much and had some interesting dreams