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Nov 13, 2012
Squaw Valley, California, USA, EARTH
Hello all. I am very happy with the content on DPF and happy of the members attitudes about prepping and the participation and seriousness of it's members. I don't consider myself to be religious but more spiritual and have always seeked a personal relationship with my Lord. I respect everyone's choice for faith and never pushed my beliefs upon anyone and I expect others to respect my beliefs and to not push their beliefs on me.
Recently, on this site and 3 others I belong to there has been a steep increase in the number of posts from those who push their beliefs and religious preferences on others with posts saying prepping is a waste of time. Prepping is NOT a waste of time. Prepping is not a "save all" idea and not for that "end all" disaster that may come to be. Prepping is for the "smart" and "want to be" prepared person. I remember growing up a few times when the power was out for several days and a couple times it was out for 4-5 days which was enough to activate the need to break open the pantry where my mother and grandmother had plenty of many types of foods. This took away the need to travel many miles to a store to get what was needed. Today it would be much more difficult as there are 10 times the traffic to get through and 20 times the amount of humans trying to do the same thing. If you didn't have foods put away for a rainy day things got difficult real fast.
Most of us have prepped in our lives. When you went to the store to get a quart of oil and ended up getting 2 instead you were prepping. You went to get some new batteries for your flashlight and ended up getting some extra you were prepping, you were thinking ahead and removing the need to have to come back to get more. You were thinking as I do, "what if".
To prepare is to think ahead and to be prepared for anything. These posts i have seen indicate that preparing is a waste of time because when we die there is life after death, if your good according to these posts. I myself do believe in a life after we die but this is not physical. There may be several scenarios where prepping is a great idea before the "end all" scenario may become a reality, and the "end all" scenario could come next week, next year or in 10 or 100 years, we don't know.
Prepping and religious activities are in a sense completely seperate things but your religious activities and faith should be something you take with you when you bug out. In a sense, your faith should be part of your go-bag. It has been proven that about 80% of those soldiers who survived months and years of torture in a prizon camp in WWII had serious faith and the others who didn't survive had no faith at all. Having faith gives a person hope which helps to survive anything so in that sense, knowledge is power which brings faith and hope. It is your individual decision to prepare in a way that is right for you and your choice as to what goes in your go-bag. It isn't my way to say you have to or decide what is best for you. It is not my place to make decisions for you or to say "you better do this" or else. The more you prep with the better.
What ever you do put your heart in it. Be passionate about surviving and be serious about what you feed your mind with. Be confident about your prepping and be totally satisfied about the physical things you have prepped with and the wisdom and knowledge you have fed your mind.
This post is not meant to offend anyone nor to direct anyone to do anything, only to enforce your preperations for survival and to make you think about what you have done and what you think you need to do more of.
Prepping is not a waste of time. It's better to have it than not need it rather than need it and not have it.
Everyone be safe, well and prepared.
I'm not religious, no time for what I consider to be false BUT..... The best most supportive, kind helpful humanitarian types of preppers I have met in general have been what I call small 'C' christians. They have their faith, they try and live by their faith and they NEVER try to preach of push their beliefs onto anyone else AND nor do they judge others of other beliefs. And they use their beliefs to help others within their communities during times of duress and they help protect their own loved ones thus reducing demand on government aid leaving more for the more needy.

No one of true faith if you think about it would ever tell people not to bother trying to survive now WHY? because the way they live NOW could be how their god judges THEM.
I thought i may get some negative input on this post but as I guessed, my fellow members have once again given me joy and pride in being part of such a group. Silent Earth believes it's all false and thats ok. to each his (her) own and I live by that.
not too long ago I was in mickey d's and when the wife and I were heading out the door, with bag of burgers in hand, a well dressed guy was coming in and as we past eachother he said "if thats food in the bag hold on to it tightly, and looking at a group of homeless he also said, you know how those people can be" i said "what people" he said those filthy don't want to work people"....... this comment really pissed me off, i said "good thing your wearing a suit, otherwise i'd think you were an *******.
I have met some wonderful people with some sad stories and I come to realize the only difference between me and them is my clothes were clean and I had a home to go to when the day was done. I say "GRATITUDE makes everything we have ENOUGH". I spend several minutes of everyday expressing my gratitude of everything I have been blessed with.
Don't judge a person by their appearance. most of us have been blessed tremendously. We could be as "roger", a 41 year old father and husband with a wonderful wife and 2 sons. Came from Kentucky after being canned after 14 years of dedicated work because company is going over seas. He had everything, 2 trucks, boat, car, a big house and just an overall great life. Came to cali hoping things would be better as a professional electrician. can't find a job and currently lives in a generous man's garage. I usually meet up with him every monday at McDonalds to make sure his belly is full before he heads out on his sad job search. Hard to turn away from him because for me life is mostly good but for him, all he has is hope, and he is just one of hundreds in the same boat.
Anyway, remember when you feel life is good, for some life is close to hopeless and power to those who hold on to hope. I told roger when he said to me " i'm at the bottom of the barrel", I told him "the only direction you can go is up". every monday he fights me, refusing anything when i pay, i said next week i'll need your help and you'll be there for me, he assures me he'd walk miles without shoes to make sure i'm fed. He's a great guy with a wonderful family who at the moment needs help and I am greatful I can help.
Don't hesitate when you hear a voice telling you to help. Whatever the circumstances, what you can do today for someone will make all the difference tomorrow and your kindness does not go unnoticed. when you give you shall be rewarded.
ever notice when a state or big city gets attacked by nature how quickly humans come out of the woodwork to help? God Bless Americans and thank God for human kindness, it's everywhere....

OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN.................In 2015 my area had a HUGE firen called The Rough Fire. Some areas were evacuated and as I have often thought, and I know about the crack heads/burglers, they would feel like they were in disneyland and having been with fire/rescue and knowing many sheriffs I requested that i get a pass of sorts to patrol around keeping an eye on the area. i did get a pass with a special sticker that fire/sheriffs would recognise and myself and 2 buddies (both hams) patrolled the area and we did end up catching 3 guys who didn't break-in but were going to. They had drugs, guns and lots of other stolen stuff along with a burglers tool box. This has taken off and this summer it was used on 2 other large fires near shaver area. They have not given it a name yet but it's just citizens patrolling. now i was told you have to sign something releasing the sheriffs of responsibilty. I think it's great because the sheriffs don't have the resources and why shouldn't it be the responsibility of the residents? I think it should in this case. The sheriffs need all the help they can get.
anyway, don't want credit, just notice and to grow to become standard practice when evacuations are needed. It's usually what your country, state or city can do for you. what about what you can do for them? Plenty !!

be safe and well prepared............
I prep more for short term disasters than TEOTWAWKI....

While I do keep it in the back of my mind...the reality is that we WILL and HAVE faced short term disasters where resources were not readily available. As recent as just last month, when the eye of Irma rolled over us.

Without our preps, we would not have done so well. While others were gnawing on PB&J, we had grilled chicken and pasta. While others sat in the dark bored, we played board games by lantern light, and walked the house by candlelight. Unlike many, we also lost water (due to the well pump being powered), but we were still fine, and still fed and watered nearly FIFTY animals for those 5 days as well (previously I said 4, but this actually bled over into day 5). Still could have been comfortable, other than the heat, for another week.

Times like that, even nonpreppers start to see the wisdom of at least a little bit of preparedness....

Empty store shelves, closed gas stations, etc., didn't phase us a bit.
yeah,preparing for short term is good..and what's accumulated over time,can be good/great for longer term situations.to permanent situations..the longest we've gone with no electric.is 3 days..had running water and propane the whole time.so i was able to fix my morning coffee in my 8 cup percolator,on the propane kitchen stove.had food to eat..used car lighter to keep phone and tablet charged..and all the time.folks were doing without 1 or more of them..
Puerto Rico probably qualifies as a Bona Fide SHTF situation. Not quite TEOTWAWKI since they will recover at some point soon, but about as bad as it gets without a permanent breakdown of society.

Sad part is, millions of people who weren't prepared didn't learn a damned thing and instead of taking responsibility for their own welfare, they are just moving to Florida permanently because they think they will be better cared for there.
In all fairness though, not much you can do vs. a Cat 5 storm rolling over you.

On another thread, I mentioned how I killed my truck battery from all the cell phone charging. I should have STARTED the damn truck, but with gas nonexistent for days, just didn't....even though I had plenty. So, the solar phone charger for $25 solved it going forward.
I'm a spirit medium and also clairvoyant. I have a lot of visions, mostly big picture of what's coming. They are in real time, like videos, but through my own eyes. One of which i'm standing in a yard talking to my wife, and i see my now motorcycle on a side walk, but the house is not the house we're in now. after speaking with my guides i found out it's out in new mexico because it's safer to live there.. i also have visions of me walking through very large grave yards. With these visions come feeling, i've had the grave yard vision 5 times in a row with the feeling that there aren't a lot of people left. Most of my visions lately are of war of both kinds. War from the outside but mostly of a lot of in fighting within the country.. I've never been very religious myself but do know now i have been chosen for what i'm doing now. I supposed to prepare people of what is coming. So prep all you can, cause it's coming, and it's bad, millions will die. But it's all for a purpose. In a sense to thin the herd. We are killing each other for no other reasons of power and money and it will come to a stop. I'm not preaching, i'm just telling the truth as God wants me to do so. Any one who wants to know more, just email me
Interesting thread, I just saw it now for the first time.

I too am a Christian (not sure anyone here doesn't know that yet). I haven't noticed anyone on this forum lately walking away from prepping. I've heard of a few guys from other places, but they are very few and far between. I would think the Bible is very pro-prepping. Joseph and the 7 year drought. The story of the grasshopper and the ant. Moses telling the people to prepare for the very first Passover. Every time you read "the end is near", that's the same as saying "Prepare!". Of course that's not about food stores and medical supplies and such.

But as a Christian (big "C", not the 'in church every Easter & Christmas' variety), none of these other preps mean a hill of beans without getting your Faith straightened out. You can agree or disagree with that part, but I think everyone would agree that IF there is a single true God, knowing Him would be first priority. Period. I know, this is the 'religion' section, so I'll stop here. (yes, I was preaching)

After faith, prepping is only a question of how far. Prepare for a hurricane. Prepare for economic collapse. Prepare for nationwide or even worldwide chaos. Your individual resources will vary as well as your location/risks/etc. While we don't agree on everything, we can still find common ground and help one another.

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