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Toilet started rocking a little. Then the linoleum around started turning darker. I pulled the toilet, wax ring was installed incorrectly causing seepage. I fixed the problem and reinstalled the toilet.

Decorating is the wife’s prerogative. She looked at linoleum samples at different shops, bought what she wanted and contracted the work. Two weeks out they will be here to replace the linoleum.

Contractor arrived four hours late. It didn’t take the two workers long to remove the base moulding and the old linoleum. I had removed the toilet before their arrival. Once they removed the linoleum from the toilet area we discovered the 3/4” flooring was soft and easily punctured with a screwdriver. Floor joist is what kept the toilet in place. Beyond the linoleum contractor’s expertise, they packed up and left.

Today a local contractor was rained out on a job and was able to come. Two hours he had the flooring removed and replaced. I’ll pay him a bonus for his quick response. Greatly appreciated him.

Called the linoleum company to reschedule the linoleum install. I’m expecting weeks or months. One week and they will be here.

I’m vey well pleased. Wife is upset that the bathroom will in disarray for another week. Gee, there is another full bath upstairs and a half bath downstairs.

She had a stressful day to day. She had to help pick a rest home today for her mother. Mother’s health has declined to the point the family can no longer care for her. It runs contrary to her nature to face unpleasant life experiences. Linoleum project was the last straw. Fortunately when I was in town today I had bought her favorite candy. She mellowed when I can the candy to her.

I should figure out if The Princess has a favorite candy. 30+ years and I cant recall her having a favorite.

You should groom Peanut Butter!! Who knows what they put in the rabies shots now?! In reality, rabies vaccines last about 10 years! Rabies is a virus, so as I always say.... L-LYSINE!!
Your life sure isn’t dull. Glad the parrot is still with you and that husband and your son are getting some good time together.
Yesterday was a "suit" day down town, I hate that commute.... This morning I woke up at 02:30, my mind was racing about some technical articles that I need to write and some fast approaching deadlines at work... Today the wife has a hair appointment, that always takes a couple of hours out of my evening. I read on the weather channel that we can expect an El Nino this year, first time in the last 4 years, could make weather interesting.

I have been thinking that it might be nice to have some "regional" threads as different areas have to deal with different issues. For example @Patchouli was talking about the cost of heating oil, which to be an Eastern issue.
I was awake at 2:30 am also but wasn’t thinking about a report- was thinking about how I should still be asleep 😴
I like reading about things from other areas. Helps me stay in the know to some extent about what’s going on.
Staining the back deck ( y'all common over and have fun with me!)
Sewing/ stitching together some more RFID resistant card holders.
Pesterin Frodo when I get the chance but I think Magnus beats me to the draw on that one.
Pickin a few more Okra and peppers leaving some of the big ones to fully mature fer next years seed.
That ducksback stuff is about the best I ever ran across. It actually works and don’t have to do it as often. Some products, I could swear I was just painting on water.
@LadyLocust Lady, I'm trying to get rid of stuff and just gleefully threw away a mother earth news issue with the top article about the best tomatoes! I really need to pare down what I've got hidden away. If I haven't read it all this time, then I likely never will.
About 6 years ago I subscribed to Mother Earth News and shortly after the first couple magazines arrived I saw an add in the magazine allowing me to buy a thumb drive with all there previous issues, I think 30 or 50 years worth. I paid something like $30 and they sent me the thumb drive so now I have every article for every magazine they ever published. My thoughts were all that good OLD information was way better than whatever new stuff they are talking about now so I never renewed my subscription. They shot their selves in the foot with that offer, I am more interested in the old ways of doing things than the fancy modern versions they are writing about.
One can "opt out" of the political area, you actually had to ask to "opt in". if it is in general discussion, I can't help
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So last weekend I had it raining in the kitchen. Today it was the bathroom 🙄. I think God is telling me to clean my house 🏡. I went to take a shower, turned on the water and it shot up, hit the ceiling and repelled back into the room. It is incorrectly plumbed so I had tried a different shower head to make sure it wasn’t the issue. It wasn’t so I put the other one back on. Thought maybe I didn’t use enough gum tape so I took it off and taped it up good, put it back on, tried the water again and got shot in the face. Think it’s a Wmart piece of doodoo (we’re in a rental) so think it’s threads are stripped 😕 I finally got it to where I could take a shower but it still needs to be addressed. In the meantime, I mopped up a lot and wiped down the walls etc.
Ifitaintbroke started his membership deletion process days ago. Yes, I hate it, but unless someone reports political topics, I just don't have the time to review every post, everyday.

Folks, please help a brother out and just report any political topic, it will get moved.

And Ifitaintbroke has already been removed from all political topics a month or two ago.
I've heard the term "gantry", know it's a lift/platform. Must be really handy to have that piece of equipment!! So you made it useable again??
Yes. I welded and reinforced the two broken pieces of one leg and was able to straighten the other leg. The cross beam was beyond repair, but I had a length of laminated 2x8 to replace it. I considered converting it into a tripod, but I like the ease of backing under it without that third leg in the way.

I built it about 18 years ago because I didn't have a loader tractor. Heaviest pick I did was a dead 650 pound steer.
Cleaning for a nice older man today. Out in the country, nice job! I need a low stress day! Hubby was home yesterday morning and got a bunch of the fallen tree cut! Still a lot left!! He's just cutting into splittable size hunks that will sit until next year. We have our firewood game plan for this year, a lot to split that was cut back in the spring. Everything we will use this year has been stacked and ready! But it's still hot and snakey so no messing with that yet! It is a nice morning outside, mid 60's but heating up later!
Solar guy is coming today — we think they mis-installed our box and gave us one of the ones for renters, not owners, because we can’t find any way to control the battery storage and power release onto the grid.

Fingers crossed it’s simpler than that, but if not, we’re going to have to have them replace the box with the correct one.

I should see if my garden has any tomatoes left for me today, and probably pull that zucchini, it’s pretty much done.
lol no problem! I don't know that much about tractor parts. I do so much around here, I drew the line on the tractor and told husband YOU are responsible for that one . I don't even drive it. I did once just so I knew how
I keep a lot of pins, bushings, clips, hitch pins etc on hand for my tractor and all equipment. Something is always breaking or getting lost. Plus it's 100+ miles to the JD dealer.
Turned out it was simpler than that, though I’d give an awful lot to get away from the “control it with your phone” thing that’s become ubiquitous.

He got us the right app and the right information to get it squared away, and also got us properly charging on the battery, since apparently no one in the startup instructions remembered to tell us that there was one extra breaker that needed to be turned back on … oy.

But we’re up, running, charging, and in charge of our feedback to the grid, so that’s good.
Gotta get ready for work..I might be able to fit my hand in my glove today..
Yellowjacket ..yep..got me good..lil jerks.


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Last time yellowjackets hit me, I burned their home/hive/nest to the GROUND and danced on it.

Good thing it was in an old stump in the backyard :)
Got most of the new shelves into action.


Cleared the two shelves that serve as the grow station.


The halves to the left have heat mats and are used for starting seeds. Once the seeds sprout they get moved to larger pots to grow out for harvest.

Looks like I will starting some seeds tomorrow.

Having fun in Hochatowm. Been in hot tub a couple of times, took wife to a few stores. Went to distillery and picked up a 5th of vodka for medicinal purposes. Can't drink like I use to. Last time I over indulged. I had a hangover for two weeks. Leaving for home in morning. Wife is happy. Fixing to go out to a hippy pizza place, it is where she wants to go.
I watched every single episode of the Waltons. It is good tv, but the last season was not good. No grandpa, grandma, ma or daddy, and John Boy got a little dark.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a whole episode of the Waltons.
Put a round bale and couple bags of cubes out for the herd today. In the process managed to step in a hole and wrench my ankle so that was fun :rolleyes: hurting and throbbing a bit so we'll see how that goes overnight. Been doing some thinking on how to build a chicken feeder out of some old PVC we have laying around so may do some measuring and fiddling tomorrow.
Got the bush hog hooked to the tractor this afternoon. Took it for a 2hr spin, got the chicken pen cleaned up, 2 sides of the pole barn, the garden. Then cleaned up the east driveway. I can finally see when I pull into the road there. Also, had the bucket on the front end loader. I took down a dozen mimosa trees, about that many chinese privot trees. Technically they are on the county right of way but they were obstructing my view. The place looks a lot better. Most importantly, the new seal around the pto shaft didn’t leak a drop.

Went to town afterwards for a few groceries, stopped at the drive-in. Got tots and a chili-cheese coney.

I’m beat, nothing but tv tonight.
My dad grew up in that general area of Virginia, southwestern mountains, and he was a young boy in the 1930s. The cities and towns that are mentioned clue me in on that. I don’t think he cared for the Waltons tv show a whole lot. I think it insulted his memories. I think they tried to make them look so poor but it was likely worse than that in real life for some. It would be a welcome relief to see that kind of show in these times, eh? I watched it every time it came on.

Got some old stuff to put out for trash tomorrow. Will do that shortly.
Tried to catch the moonrise earlier, dipping in and out of the clouds. Saw some interesting water birds down by the lake.
The full moon is playing on humanity. Trying to stay off the roads (lotsa crazy drivers) and safe.