Camping in south Louisiana

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Proud Prepper

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Mar 13, 2017
Top secret location in S. Louisiana and Arkansas
Second camping trip in Jayco, jay flight SLX, next to a lake. Enjoying the sunrise and first cup of coffee.

What?!? No ice on the lake?? Just doesn't seem right for this time of year.
Anyway that looks like a great site. Post some pics of the fish you catch.

No ice, we are to close to the equator. I hope my wife doesn't see that I posted this photo.
It appears " proud prepper " and I have either at one time or another or still do haunt some of the same places from South Louisiana , south Mississippi to the Ozarks . When SHTF our survival thinking seems to be similar . It really would not surprise me if we actually know each other .

Let's meet up sometime.
It may be doable. as I have a very big shindig coming up next September . I woke up this morning contemplating putting in camper hook ups for the event .

Great. I have several 50amp hookups on our properties. Campers are a good way to provide housing for additional people.
All I need is some slightly flat ground. I can lay on dirt or concrete and sleep. Not as well on the latter.

That makes me think of the 300 mile solo float trip that I took on " The River Of No Return " in Idaho . I slept one night sleeping over a hump on the edge of a cliff about 50 feet above the river as that was the levels place I could find when darkness overtook me .

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