I'm Really Starting To Hate HP Printers

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I have an HP printer that is a little more than a year old. It stopped printing. The last one was an HP that was about 10 years old and it just stopped printing last year.

I went to Staples and they told me that HP has had a law suit against them. My guess is that the biggest problem is software. I believe that they program the software for X amount of time and then they stop printing. Staples had the same printer that I have had and they told me they were really bad, stay away from them. I wish I had known this last year.

I'm going to be shopping for a new printer and it will not be an HP for the first time in my life.

Updated 1:00 PM MDT, August 15, 2023
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — HP has failed to shunt aside class-action legal claims that it disables the scanners on its multifunction printers when their ink runs low. Though not for lack of trying.
On Aug. 10, a federal judge ruled that HP Inc. must face a class-action lawsuit claiming that the company designs its “all-in-one” inkjet printers to disable scanning and faxing functions whenever a single printer ink cartridge runs low. The company had sought — for the second time — to dismiss the lawsuit on technical legal grounds.
“It is well-documented that ink is not required in order to scan or to fax a document, and it is certainly possible to manufacture an all-in-one printer that scans or faxes when the device is out of ink,” the plaintiffs wrote in their complaint. “Indeed, HP designs its all-in-one printer products so they will not work without ink. Yet HP does not disclose this fact to consumers.”

The lawsuit charges that HP deliberately withholds this information from consumers to boost profits from the sale of expensive ink cartridges.
I bought a HP printer on a time plan. It came with a $150 rebate. They sent me a $100 rebate. I paid all but $50 of my bill. One day I got a call, "When do you plan on paying your remaining $50?" I told them I didn't. He asked, why? I told him that we had a contract that included a $150 rebate and when they fulfilled their part of the contract so would I. Evidently they decided to call it even as I heard nothing else from them.