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This ex special forces guy who is also ON THE INSIDE now because of his position in the EMP Commission has some flat out shocking news about the state of our military. He says there won’t be any active military coming to anyone’s rescue! There will more than likely be groups of military who go rogue.

He makes comments about Survival Groups and how to run them, which is helpful. Number one cause of a Survival Group is that members of the group will end up bringing people who were NOT part of the group. This of course will cause the food to not last…putting everyone in jeopardy.

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If World War Three unfolds as it appears it will " likely by the end of this year and before Trump can put rational leadership into position " reality will hit home for the those that survive the Nuclear blasts . Trying to wish into reality some fantasy as they watched in a apoplectic movie , ain't going to turn out well .
Reports of our military in Louisiana bases being activated for deployment to Latvia.

Latvia border Russia to the East, Lithuania and Belarus to the South, the Baltic Sea to the West, and Estonia to the North. Jūrmala, the Latvian port on the Gulf of Riga, is only 130 miles from the Russian border, and Russia desperately needs warm water ports for their Navy.
Latvia is a full NATO member and has taken a hard line against Russia.
They banned all agricultural shipments from Russia and two weeks ago they began shipping UAVs to Kyiv.
Add to that, the fact there are stories of Russian nationals in Latvia that are in fear of their lives and Russia has a number of reasons to invade Latvia.

Since Latvia is NATO...


The country planning on funnelling Putin's soldiers 'into kill zones' as they prep for war​

Amid rising tensions with Russia, a small Baltic nation braces itself for potential conflict by bolstering its military defences and reintroducing conscription.

As tensions simmer between Baltic nations and Russia, Latvia is ramping up its preparations for a possible conflict.

In response to fears of aggression from Vladimir Putin's regime, Latvia has reintroduced conscription and is bolstering its military capabilities.
Latvia is a provocateur like Poland, there is probably no other country in Europe where there are more active Nazis.
In Latvia you see everything, swastika flags, marches in SS uniforms, SS symbols without end, and politicians and EU authorities have no problem with it.
In any other country in Europe, something like this would have serious consequences, but not in Latvia.

Putin will not conquer Latvia at any price, he would only have problems with Nazi supporters and Nazi organizations, Latvia is really a very criminal country and in my opinion has no place in Europe.
If Joe is interested in Latvia, he should accept the country as a 52nd US state, between you and me, Mexicans are less likely to cause trouble and do not worship Hitler.

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