Need cat lovers input

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Dec 5, 2017
they make such cute noises, @Spikedriver who can resist?
Ours says, "morale?"
And when she's running and knows you've gotten something yummy out of the fridge, she will do this meowing that has all this purring in it. cracks me up.
She makes funny noises while watching birds if I say her name. Kind of like, "met met met"
Since she's getting older, we try not to sneak up behind her anymore. Any cat can jump straight up in the air when spooked.
Lilli Bare says "OW" when she wants you to pet her. I should say, when she wants me to pet her since I am the only one who can. Her mouth curls down too so it looks like she is whining.


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Nov 28, 2017
Houston, South
My mom absolutely detests house cats. Guess who that stupid cat claimed as her person? That's right, the woman who hated her. After a few months that cat was sleeping by my mom's feet on their bed and getting treats under the kitchen table.
That's a cat for ya.
Same thing happened with my father many years ago when I was living with him. A cat I had loved to go for a ride in the car. It wasn't long before my dad was taking that cat most every time he drove somewhere. Knowing my hard case dad it was way funny to see him driving a cat round town. The cat liked to stand on the bench seat of dad's Toronado as they drove... Too funny.